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Are you a resident living in a homeowners association and are interested in how to deal with HOA violations? In order to keep a community looking pleasant and preserving property values, the Board and management company of your HOA should inspect and make sure residents’ homes are being maintained.

The best way for HOA management companies to notify homeowners of a violation is through a letter. Most HOA’s give 3 notices before a homeowner is fined. The first chance before a fine is issued is through a written request asking the tenant to be aware of the violation and take action by fixing it themselves. More often than not, residents will respond to the first notification.

If the homeowner disregards or forgets about the violation letter, the HOA sends another warning. The second protocol for HOA management companies to inform homeowners of a violation is to order one of their vendors to correct the problem and bill the tenant the vendors services. At this point the homeowner can still pay the charge and the violation remains a warning. The management company assures the resident that no one believes the violation was intentional, but to keep the community at its best the situation should be taken care of immediately.

After both warnings, the HOA management company is required to send a final letter. This 3rd notice issues a fine and a hearing in front of the Board of Directors is scheduled. The homeowner now has the opportunity to plead his/her case. Normally, photos and other documentation are brought before the Board informing them of the violation and how it has been resolved. As long as the issue was fixed, the fine can be waived and the tenant is off the hook.

Violations are a necessity and help improve the community you live in. If you become familiar with ARC’s and other governing documents for your community, then you will be fine. Look out for violations and act on them as soon as possible.



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